Thursday, May 21, 2009


A garden can be a great source of relaxation and accomplishment. Of course, in our weather and insect issues (read this as those really mean ants) it can also be very frustrating and disappointing also.

One of the challenges is what to plan when. We are blessed with the opportunity to grow things year around. The website at Phoenix Gardening offers a monthly calendar of things we can do and plant by month in our area.

Are vegetables cheaper at the store then growing them? In most cases, yes. However, home grown fruits and vegetables have better flavor and you have control of what is put in, and on, them. They sell these red things at the store they call tomatoes, but they taste nothing like the tomatoes out of the garden. Canned tomatoes are good, but there are added chemicals and the last time I planted a tomato can all I got was rust.

Go out and get your fingernails dirty, you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

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