Thursday, May 28, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardens seem to be all the rage. This may the way to go especially if you have become discouraged trying the traditional methods. The tradition garden in Mesa can be very challenging with our poor soil, hot sun, and myriad of insects. I know of several people using the square foot method with much success, both with raised beds and directly in the soil. 

By using this method, you are reducing the area you have to be concerned with and are able to reach just about everything. It is easier to irrigate and provide any shade necessary. I know in our garden that the sun it just to intense for some of our plants. especially the tomatoes. And instead of trying to improve the soil throughout the entire garden, you only have to concentrate in the specific area.

There are a number of sources for Square foot gardening. If you want a complete system, including plants and soil, Rob at A&P Nursery sales a complete package including a pre-cut wood frame. On-line there are several sources: The Frugal Dad, plans, and an official website Square Foot Gardening Foundation (who would have thought). If you would like even more information, just Google "square foot gardening" for more then you can read.

Have fun.

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  1. Gardens just don't have to be at ground level. Check out this site.