Monday, June 1, 2009

Canning Butter

I have heard a lot of debate in the last several months on the issue of canning butter. The Everyday Food Storage site has a good article on it today. I don't have an opinion one way or the other since I don't can in any fashion. I leave those decisions to my wife and anyone who would like her opinion is going to have to ask her, I learned a long time ago not to speak for her. :)

I do know when I was growing up my grandmother used to tell us how they would use lard for butter, even on toast. Of course, they saved bacon grease under the kitchen cabinet and used it everyday. They even lived to tell us about it!

My grandmother used one of the small Crisco cans and sometimes a small coffee can. It lived beneath the kitchen sink and all the drippings went into the can. Whenever we needed oil, or grease for a pan, she would scoop out a tablespoon or so and drop it into the pan. Eggs have never tasted as good as they did then.

My wife's grandmother was a little fancier. She actually had a "Drips" can. I suppose she may have stored it on the kitchen cabinet, or under the sink. This was just something everyone did. I am lucky enough to have her old Drips can.

So check out today's site and if you want to add your opinion, please do.

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