Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gardening with Newspapers

When we purchase plants for our garden we like to purchase the vegetables that have been growing in the peat pots that you plant directly into the ground. It is a lot easier then trying to get the plants out of those plastic containers and especially the pony packs. You buy a six pack of green peppers in one of those pony packs and end up with four plants.

There is even instructions on the web on how to plant the peat pots at the Bonnie Plants website.

Sometimes, you just want to sprout your own seeds. An biodegradable pot is still nice to have so you don't have to handle your plants too much. You can make your own with either peat or newspapers. They are easy to make. For peat pots check out the Garden Grapevine website. If you want to use some of that newspaper that is piling up in the utility room try the method shown on this YouTube video, or for the folding challenged check out this or that.

Using newspaper does not require any fancy presses or other tools. Just a little folding, and Presto! A pot.

Happy origami gardening.

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