Monday, July 27, 2009

Could You Survive Without Money?

Apparently the answer is yes, sort of. An article by Christopher Ketcham describes an individual who has spent most of the last 10 years living in a cave outside Moab, Utah. While this is an interesting article, you can read it here, this guy lives in a cave, has no income, uses the computer at the public library, and rummages through the trash. An self-proclaimed sadhu, an ascetic monk, he has forsaken his “worldly” desires and consumerism.

There is good in the article and some interesting ideas. One really good point was his experience working with the Peace Corp in the Andes. As the tribal people got richer their health declined. They were trading their food from the fields, for things they did not really need..soda, white flour, refined sugar, etc. We could learn something from that.

As the author notes he survives in part on our reality. In my humble opinion, he has not forsaken consumerism at all. In fact he survives because of it, without it there would be no trash to rummage through, no friends to help occasionally, no library, and especially no roadkill.

Still, some interesting ideas to think about.

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