Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Triple Chocolate Cake

Feels like it is time for another recipe. I am a little leery posting this because it is so good, but hey, what is the web for anyway.

I got this from my friend, and President of the Arizona Chapter of the International Dutch Oven Society, Mark Wilkins.

Triple Chocolate Cake
12" DO

1 box Devils Food Cake Mix
1 bag Semi-sweet Chocolate chips
1 box Chocolate instant pudding
3 eggs
1 3/4 cups of water

Melt butter in DO, spread around the entire bottom and at least 2 inches up the side
Dust DO with cake mix, pour remainder of cake mix in bowl
Add other ingredients to bowl, mix well
Pour into DO

Cook for 53 minutes with 21 coals, 12 on top and 9 on the bottom

When done clean the coals off the lid, put the lid back on the DO. Now flip the DO over, bang it gently on the table so the cake falls onto the lid. Remove the bottom of the DO. Remember the butter and cake powder in the first step? This is why it is important not to skip that step. You may be thinking of using PAM or something similar, banish the thought, it fails that way more often then not. We have TV footage to prove it.

Place cake plate on bottom of cake, (remember you just flipped it so the top is down and the bottom is up), and flip it right side up.

Is this worth the trouble, oh yeah! Just ask Denise, John, Kandy, Gary, Carolyn, or the Beehives of the Gilbert Harris Ward and their leaders.

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