Sunday, August 16, 2009

Couple Lives without AC

An article in last Sunday's Republic exposed the world to the idea of living in Phoenix in 2009 without air conditioning.

Chris George and his wife Dani Moore decided to go the entire year of 2009 without heating or air conditioning. The temperature has reached a high of 104 degrees in their home. They often get up in the middle of the night and take cold showers, spray themselves with water before going to bed, and freeze their clothes. They have even turned off their water heater.

The only time they have turned on their thermostat was the weekend they were going to be gone and they did not want the cats to get too hot. (Cat people, goes without saying) They set it at 95 and turned it off as soon as they got home. And I complain when mine is above 78.

Of course, their SRP bill for July was $51.16, a smite lower then mine.

I have always admired the determination of the college aged portion of our population. They know they can save the world, and a lot of them are willing to give their all to try. I know when I was this age we were trying to stop a war and save the trees. We knew we could make a difference. Maybe we did, maybe we didn't, but we tried. This group now is the same, they are going to try to make a difference, maybe they will, maybe they will not...

Are these two frugal or just strange? Take a few minutes and read the article, it can be found here.

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