Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chocolate Silk Pie

I think soy is nasty, so imagine my surprise when I found a great pie recipe that uses a block of tofu. This recipe is for a chocolate silk pie, and tastes like it is chock full of dairy and eggs.

One of my children always gets gypped when it comes to desserts, so I am constantly on the lookout for something tasty and special, but without the allergens. This recipe calls for chocolate chips, a brick of tofu, and honey. If you have problems digesting wheat, try this pie crust-less. If you are sensitive to dairy, use dairy-free chocolate chips (we used Ghiradelli's semi-sweet). Also replace the liquor with 1/4 C hot water, or leave it out all together.

Anyway, I made the pie last weekend. It was fabulous. Now, I don't claim to have a sophisticated palette, but I am pretty sensitive to things that taste... nasty. The day I made the pie, I thought I detected a hint of soy, but by the following day, when the pie had been refrigerated for about 24 hours, I couldn't taste the soy at all.

Allergy Kid was delighted to be able to eat some, this kind of dessert is usually off-limits.

Click on the title to try it!

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