Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Search Indexing

A major part of Provident Living is service. A great way to serve, from home, is taking a few minutes each day and doing Family Search Indexing (www.familysearchindexing.org). This is not just for the adults, or retired folks. Almost everyone in the home can do this, especially our Young Men and Women. It would be a great Wednesday activity.

There are a number of projects that are being worked on at any given time. Currently I count 88 projects by Family Search (e.g. Argentia, Santiago, Sante Fe 1869 Census; Canadian, British Columbia Deaths 1872-1986; and US Freedmen Marriages 1861-1869) and another 15 with partners (e.g. Belgium, Flanders Deaths 1796-1900 with the Algemeenn Rijksarchief en Rijksarchief in de Provicien; Norway, 1875 Federal Census with the DIS Norge; and the US Vermont Militia Records 1861-1867 with the New England Genealogical Society).

You can chose which project you would like to work on, plus you can indicate your level of experience so that they system will attempt to provide you with images within your skill level. If a particular download is not within your current ability you can even return it and get a different batch. You have seven days to complete a batch. If you do not complete it in that time the batch will be assigned to someone else to complete and you will need to download another batch to work on. Several people have mentioned to me how afraid they are that they might do something wrong. All records are indexed by at least two individuals to increase the probability that the information is correct. Just do your best.

When you first register, your name and email will be sent to the Stake Indexing Director. She will contact you to offer assistance and see how you are doing. You will also need to download the free software that is required to see the images and do the actual indexing.

If you would like to take part in this great experience and have problems getting it setup, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to assist you with it.

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