Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Landscape Watering for September

From the City of Mesa:

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Technically, monsoon season does not end until September 30, but so far it
has been nicknamed the non-soon (see bonus tip below). The lack of
rainfall and record high temps means your plants are more dependent on you
watering them properly. However, plant water needs will decrease as days

Recommendations below are for plants that are established in the landscape
(in the ground about two years).


Lawn watering:
Summer grass (Bermuda) - once every 4 days
Overseeded cool season grass (rye) – 4x per day for 1st 7 to 10 days to

If trees and shrubs are on the same valve:
Desert Adapted - once every 18 days
High Water Use - once every 9 days

Tree watering:
Desert Adapted - once every 21 days
High Water Use - once every 10 days

Shrub watering:
Desert Adapted - once every 16 days
High Water Use - once every 7 days

Groundcover and vine watering:
Desert Adapted - once every 16 days
High Water Use - once every 5-6 days

Cacti and succulent watering - once every 22 days

Annual watering - once every 3-4 days

Note: These recommendations are a general guideline only and may need to be
modified for your specific site conditions.

**Reduce your landscape watering 30 to 50 percent by adjusting your
irrigation each season.** "Landscape Watering by the Numbers: A Guide for
the Arizona Desert" will help you determine how much water to apply and how
long to run your system. Visit the interactive Web site or request a
free copy of the booklet at

Bonus tips:

Looking for reasons to NOT overseed with winter rye grass this fall? See the
top ten reasons to skip overseeding at

To date, this monsoon is running as the 16th driest on record. However, due
to El NiƱo conditions in the Pacific, there is an increased
possibility of rains for September. Learn about maximizing this 'free' water
with water harvesting at

It takes water to produce energy, so save both by attending our solar
workshop. Learn more about it at

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