Friday, September 11, 2009

National Turn Off Week

While Flat Tail Chef is relaxing in the pines, I'm slaving away at his blog.... here's a great idea for families that I just ran into:

"Turnoff Week" will be held throughout the Town of Gilbert Sept. 21-25. This community sponsored event was designed to help individuals realize how dependent we are on digital media. The Town of Gilbert will be offering FREE activities for families, including: puppet shows, rock wall challenges, craft nights, demonstrations, etc. Check out this flyer and join us for a week of stimulating family oriented activities! Gilbert residents are SOOO friendly and welcoming, I'm sure they won't mind if a few Mesans showed up! A lot of these activities are held at Freestone Park/Rec Center or the SE Regional Library/Riparian Preserve, so they aren't too far of a drive.

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