Saturday, September 5, 2009

Turn Your Timer Off!

A reminder from the City of Mesa

After a record dry monsoon, we are actually getting some moisture thanks to tropical depression Jimena.

Many got substantial rains last night, but if you didn't, you may before the weekend is over. Anytime you receive at least one-half inch of rain, use the 'off' 'stop' or 'rain' setting on your controller to stop the watering cycle without disturbing your programs.

Rain amounts did vary greatly across the Valley. So, if you are not sure how much fell in your yard, visit to see what your neighborhood weather watchers recorded.

Keep an eye on your landscape to determine when you need to turn the controller back on. Use a soil probe or long screwdriver, and when you cannot easily slide the probe into the soil your plants need water again.

Bonus Tip: You may notice that your plants look greener and brighter after the rains... and it's not just because the dust got washed off! Rainwater contains many beneficial ingredients for your plants, but thunderstorms provide an added bonus when lightning converts atmospheric nitrogen into a nitrogen-fertilizer solution.

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