Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back from Utah

After spending 8 days in Utah it is good to be back in Arizona. They are expecting snow in the valleys on this coming Tuesday. Utah is always a little strange but we did attend a very nice sacrament meeting in Layton with a return senior sister missionary speaking about her recent experiences in New Zealand.

If you are driving to Utah make sure you route your trip through Kanab. Even if you like to go the Colorado City route, take the extra 15 minutes and go to Kanab. While there stop at the Rewind Diner on the main thorughfare, it is across the street from the LDS Church and has a 4 foot statute of Betty Boop next to the door. You cannot miss it.

Even if it is not meal time, stop and get an old-fashion soda. I love, really love, chocolate sodas made with chocolate ice cream. I have had sodas all over the country, from New York to California. I have never had a better one. The one in Las Vegas made with Haagen Daz was close, but not better. Their food is just a good. They have 50's theme for the restaurant and play 50's music, you want to get up and dance but there is not enough room.

Stop in, sit down for awhile and enjoy yourselves. Tell Jennie and Liz (the owner) hi for us. If you are lucky Jennie's teenage son will be there being bored. Great are the same everywhere.

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