Sunday, October 4, 2009

Doors to the Temple

In last April’s Sunday afternoon session of conference Elder Stevenson was teaching us about the importance of keeping the Temple in sight. He told the story of when he and his sons took a long drive into the country with his father. When out in the country his father stopped the car and asked his grandsons if they thought they were lost. The one grandson, looking out over the valley saw the Logan Temple and said “Grandpa, you are never lost when you can see the temple”.

How true this is.

He goes on in the talk to remind of how King Benjamin directed his people to gather with “every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple.” He also continues to remind us of the admonition of modern-day prophets that we need to “turn the doors of our homes more fully towards the temple.”

While listening to the talk again the thought came into my mind is that our world is filled with objects that cloud our vision and make it difficult to see beyond what is directly in front of us. It reminded me of the dense fogs of Fresno, fogs so thick you could literally not see your hands in front of you. Our lives get so wrapped up in the things of the world that we often fill like we are walking around in a fog. Unable to see where we are going and bumping into obstacles that keep us from getting to our desired destination.

In addition to keeping the doors of our homes toward the Temple, I would like to suggest that we also need to keep the doors of our minds turned toward the Temple. We need to keep ourselves clearly focused on the eternal blessings offered to us in these Holy edifices. As the fogs of the adversary surround us each day, we can individually keep our mind’s door opening to the Temple. We can do this by staying close to the Lord, by doing those things that will invite his Spirit to always be with us.

We need to keep the Temple, and its blessings, in our minds at all times. By doing so, our mind’s door will always open to the Temple. Then no matter how thick the fog becomes, no matter what the obstacles, we will always be able to open our doors and see and touch the Temple.

You are never lost when you can see the Temple.

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  1. thank you for these comments. I am missing the temple as it is closed and enjoyed the insight of keeping my mind toward the temple. Kandy