Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take Your Foods Temperature

It is important that you cook food to the correct temperatures, especially when you are cooking for someone else or a large group. Yes, your family is important, but they will probably not sue you.

I use three different kinds of thermometers.
The basic general thermometer, cost around $3 to $4. I don't really like these much because the get out of calibration pretty easy, at least mine do.

The digital fork thermometer, cost around $15 to $25. I really like mine, similar to the one pictured here, and use it the most. The main problem with it is making sure the handle does not go in the dishwasher. That has happened to mine a couple of times, and it gets cranky every once in a while now.
The wireless thermometer with probe and remote. These can get expensive, $25 to $50. I have always gotten mine as gifts. My first broke and I am not sure why, but they do not take a lot of abuse. I actually have the one pictured and it is very good, just don't lose the belt clip. :(

Here is a chart from the U. S Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service on cooking temperatures.

Two good websites for reference are:

Why use a meat thermometer from Global Gourmet, click here.

Calibrating thermometers and taking temperatures properly from the North Carolina Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services, click here.

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