Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Same blue dye in M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury

I ran across this story a while back but had a hard time believing it. Not that blue dye in M&M's and Gatorade could actually do some good, but that Blue M&M's had turned their lives around.

You have to go into the web archives to find out the sordid details (they* have had the websites removed), but how many of you remember the Tan M&M's? We still do not have definitive proof but the interview below, with Yellow, certainly would lead a reasonable person to the fact that Blue M&M's did kill the Tan M&M's in order to infiltrate the M&M Mars distribution center of candy.


TAN"M&M"®: Did something happen to Tan?
Yellow: I can't fight it anymore. I found Tan brutally beaten and melted in someone's hands. He was just lying there totally lifeless. At first I kept this secret, but then I thought I would ask the others if they knew anything about this. The others showed concern. That is everyone except Blue.

TAN"M&M"®: What?
Yellow: At that point, he went into a blind rage. He... he... threatened to kill the others and me. He... he said he would crush my candy shell with his fists, and beat me until all the milk chocolate flowed from inside.. and... and... he said if I told anyone he would he would....

TAN"M&M"®: He would what?
Yellow: I... I can't say. It's.. it's too gruesome. I feel, I feel sick. I'm... I'm going to vomit. Life is too tough as an "M&M"® why couldn't I be a Rolo, they all look the same.

Does this leave any doubt in your mind?

* You know who "THEY" are!. They are the same ones with the black helicopters...

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