Sunday, November 8, 2009

Water Supply

I have not seen this product in action, but it is another option to consider when trying to decide how you are going to take care of your water needs during an emergency.

TMP-AZ claims to be the "The World’s First Manual Foot operated Portable/semi-portable Reverse Osmosis Emergency Water Purification Unit"

The website notes that it will:
  • Generate Pure Water Manually using Reverse Osmosis.
  • Capability of producing upto 75 Gal. Per Day.
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain.
  • Designed for efficiency to save water, Including the Maximization of your water supply.
  • Excellent for those individuals with food storage and concerned about an ample potable water supply.

For more information call 602-400-3340 or 928-353-2121 or visit the website here.

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