Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turn Your Irrigation Timers Off!

The City of Mesa reminds us:

After a record dry year with less than 4" of rain in 2009, we may make up
for it this week as the jet stream is directing multiple storms our way.
Heavy rains are expected on Thursday.

Anytime you receive one-half inch of rain or more, use the 'off' 'stop'
or 'rain' setting on your controller to stop the watering cycle without
disturbing your programs.

Rain amounts across the Valley will likely be well-covered by the media,
but if you want to see what your neighborhood weather watchers are
recording, visit

Keep an eye on your landscape to determine when you need to turn the
controller back on. Use a soil probe or long screwdriver, and when you
cannot easily slide the probe into the soil your plants need water again.

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