Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Nation of Miracles

We are a nation of miracles, our very existence is proof that God lives and that our founding fathers were divinely led. I love the Battle Cry of Captured Miracles

"...My brothers and sisters in freedom, it is time that WE come together as ONE and unite our numbers. It’s time to focus on our commonalities and work for miracles achieved through the grace and will of God in order to win the battle. Leaving a heritage of freedom that will go on for generations and generations as our founding fathers have done for us..."

You do not have to look deep into our history to see the hand of God. You can read about several Heavenly interventions at the National Center for Constitutional Studies. A very moving and great example is the destruction of the French Armada off of our shores in 1746. Brian Trotter did a great job of retelling this miracle and I quote here from his letter to Captured Miracles

"It was 1746, during what came to be known as the French and Indian War, the famous Old South Church, or the Old South Meeting House, at that time considered the main meeting house for the patriots of Massachusetts. The Church, once the tallest building in Boston. Now sits nestled in the midst of the towering office buildings of modern urban life. Now, unassuming, this building holds a secret, an amazing story of Faith and intervention.

During October of 1746, France sent a fleet of nearly 100 ships — the largest armada to ever approach the shores of this great land – They were here to recapture Louisburg and burn every American harbor from Boston to Charleston sparing no life along the way. We alone held no hope in matching the massive Canon, Gun and manpower of this great fleet. We needed a miracle! The Governor assembled what men and resources he could and called for a universal day of fasting and prayer. Thronging to the churches, people everywhere pleaded with the almighty asking for that miracle.

Time was short as the fleet was quickly approaching our shores The Reverend Thomas Prince from the high pulpit of the Old South Church, prayed before hundreds. He offered up these words:

“Deliver us from our enemy!” He implored. “Send Thy tempest, Lord, upon the waters to the eastward! Raise Thy right hand. Scatter the ships of our tormentors and drive them hence. Sink their proud frigates beneath the power of Thy winds!”

He had scarcely pronounced the words when the sun was consumed by darkness and there arose a great tempest in the sea. All the Church in a shadow the great wind shrieking around its walls., sudden, violent hammering, the shutters slamming at the windows, as if the very hand of God shook the earth. The bell tower atop the old church ringing so fiercely they feared it would break lose pummeling anyone in its path

“We hear Thy voice, O Lord!” he thundered triumphantly. “We hear it! Thy breath is upon the waters to the eastward, even upon the deep. Thy bell tolls for the death of our enemies!” He bowed his head in reverence; then looked up, tears streaming down his face. “Thine be the glory, Lord. Amen and amen!”

It was a miracle, the miracle they prayed for. The whole fleet, nearly lost, The remaining men some sick with scurvy, some pestilential fever was observed a week later limping off to the southwest. 

God was called upon and God answered. Or country was saved; Boston wasn’t burned! Charleston wasn’t burned! New York wasn’t burned! God had once again preserved the colonists from utter destruction.

-Brian Trotter"

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