Monday, August 16, 2010

Solar Cooking

Professor Steven E. Jones at BYU has designed a Solar Funnel for cooking food and sterilizing water using the free energy of the sun.  A hybrid of the parabola and box cookers. 


The Solar Funnel Cooker is safe and easy to make, and effective in capturing the sun’s energy.  Per his article the  BYU Funnel Cooker/Cooler can:
  • Cook food without the need for electricity or wood or petroleum or other fuels.
  • Pasteurize water for safe drinking, preventing many diseases.
  • Save trees and other resources.
  • Avoid air pollution and breathing smoke while cooking.
  • Use the sun's free energy. A renewable energy source.
  • Cook food with little or no stirring, without burning.
  • Kill insects in grains.
  • Dehydrate fruits, etc.
  • Serve as a refrigerator at night, to cool even freeze water.
Read the details at There are also plans at

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