Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Invasion

In case you have not heard, there was a home invasion in your neighborhood this week. It was at 2258 E. Diamond, which is just north of Robson Elementary School. If you have any information call the Mesa Police Department, Detective Steve Johnson, 480-644-2695, #9111.

The information below is from the Mesa Police Department:

White or Hispanic male 508-510, stocky build, dirty or darker complexion. Late 30’s to early 40’s. Scruffy one day growth of facial hair. Dark hair slightly spiked in front. Brown eyes. Spoke English w/ no accent.

Suspect came to victim’s door and asked if she had seen his lost “puppy dog.” Victim spoke with him through a locked security door. Does not recognize the suspect as living in the neighborhood. Victim is recently divorced and living alone. Suspect then went a few doors down to 2308 E. Diamond and rang the doorbell of another female who was home alone. Her husband is working out of state. She observed the suspect through the peep hole but did not answer the door. She spoke with him through the door. Suspect told her he was looking for his lost puppy. Suspect then went back to victim’s home and started ringing the doorbell non-stop for about 5 minutes. Victim called PD, however before officers arrived; the suspect tried prying open the door. He then went into the back yard and pried open the arcadia door. Victim came out of bedroom and saw the suspect standing in her living room holding a crow bar. She ran back into the bedroom locking the door. Suspect broke in the bedroom door and raised the crowbar threateningly toward the victim. She told him she had called the police. Suspect then observed a jewelry box on the dresser and went toward it. Victim ran out of the house screaming. A neighbor observed the suspect coming out of the house carrying something, and leave on foot east bound. See suspect sketch below.


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